yumcookie asked:
So...with the whole Abercrombie masturbation scandal, I was wondering if people have ever asked, suggested, or treated you inappropriately in the industry? I hear a lot of horror stories but never directly from the source. It's really sad/discouraging. Good luck with your acting career btw :-).

super-hero in training...
super-hero in training... answered:

I just googled “Abercrombie Scandal.”

That kid was stupid for masturbating in front of a camera but may end up being smart for suing them about it. Who knows? 

I’ve personally never dealt with situations like that. I’d never compromise my character for someone else, or do anything I didn’t want to do because I was promised a job/break/etc. 

Unless…. it was a really sexy woman. Mid 30’s. Dark hair. Maybe Spanish or Japanese. Or both….. yeah. 

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